Saturday, August 9, 2014

Beginning to Look Like a House

The trusses started going up last week.
The middle of the house will have a dormer, so the regular pre-fab trusses won't work there.

You can see the cavity for one of the girls' bedrooms.
There will be two bedrooms and a bathroom up there.
Here is the view from the back of the house.  The second story doesn't continue over the kitchen wing, so it will have shorter trusses.

When our architect first spread the plans in front of me, the first thing I saw was all of the wasted space in the attic.  I had envisioned bedrooms that were more like converted attic space, complete with the tilty walls and low ceilings.  We worked the plans quite a bit and thought that we had come up with a good solution.  I think we actually ended up with just as much wasted space, but with much more expensive/tricked out trusses.  I could be very wrong in this, but I have been surprised by how inefficient the upstairs seems to be.  Maybe the slope of the roof wouldn't have been sufficient to slough the amount of snow we get here if we hadn't put in the bonus room trusses.  Maybe our area codes prohibited some of my original vision from playing out.  I don't know, but looking at all of the wasted space urkes me.  Nothing I can do about it now, though, so I may as well get over it.  Right?

~Sorry about the delay.  My phone was lost.~
One week later:
The trusses are all up and they are working on sheeting the roof.

We made some alterations to the upstairs.  We made the upstairs plumbing line up with the rest of the house plumbing and recovered some of the lost space in the form of closets.  I am very pleased with the changes made . . . and here you can see the dormer.

Our architect came yesterday to do walk-through.  We talked about the change upstairs, but we hadn't come up with a good bathroom layout.  We talked it out and he drew up the new plans on our windowsill.

Library side.  There will be beams and a porch under that second story outcropping.

We obviously still have a ways to go, but it actually looks like a house, now!
I just stare at it day in and day out.  I can't get enough, I tell ya'!
There are bumps--there will always be bumps--but in the end, I just keep reminding myself that the dream is still happening.
I'm actually getting a house!


  1. So exciting! Maybe you can use some of that wasted space for those shelf-or-dresser-in-the-wall things I see on Pinterest. (Or here, with steps for converting a regular dresser:,,20187193,00.html) I kind of wish I had wasted space to turn into 'extra' storage, but my 70's house is pretty much a 2 story box and no wasted space- not even under the stairs- that's where the A/C intake and the kitchen pantry are.

  2. I love seeing your home come to life! How long does it usually take to build a house?