Friday, August 1, 2014

Frustrated Posting

My posting on this blog has been frustrated by one thing:
my cell phone.

Yes, after many years of resisting the call (ahem), I finally gave in and bought a cell phone.
I refused to sign a contract because I refused to be roped in by the stupid thing.
I do not like to be THAT reachable.

But, since my regular point-and-shoot camera is having issues, I have been using my cell phone camera much more.  The problems with that are many, but the worst of which is that I cannot easily load my pictures onto my desktop as I can with a memory card from a camera.
I've tried using Google+ and it picks and chooses the most random pictures to provide for download.
Here on my blog there is an option to use images from my phone,
but if I delete the picture from my phone, it also becomes unavailable for viewing on my blog.
Now the memory on my phone is suffering because I can't delete any pictures!
Anyway, I'm sure there is a 10 second fix that I just can't seem to find.
I will continue to try to figure out how to share everything that I want to share!

Here are a few moments I captured that are wonderful, 
not because of the photography, but because of the moment.

This is why I'm doing everything I can to keep my big boy home for a while.
These two love each other so much.  It isn't fair to either of them to have to miss out on being together.

The temperatures have been unusually warm around here this month.
100 degrees may not be super hot to others, but it is debilitating to those of us who are used to cooler climes.  Our trailer has been 90 degrees by 4 o'clock most days.  Unbearable!
I become Queen of the Jerk World when I am hot.
I have been hot a lot.
My children are patient with me.

This precious creature pulled out her tooth and I nearly cried.
I am really not ready to be done with my mothering years!
This is my great day!  
How can mothering big kids ever compare to these fleeting days filled with trust and devotion offered only by the young?  Big kids are smart and it becomes tricky to parent them.

Boy, am I glad for this caboose.

He managed to switch the camera around so he could see himself on the screen.

I now have 63 of these on my camera/phone.

And I can't bring myself to delete them because they are so cute.
Oh, my goodness.
I love him.

The three younger girls were able to participate in CYT Summer Theater Camp again this year.
One of the days was crazy hair day.
This kind of thing is especially fun for my home schooled kids.
They each came up with their own plan and it was my duty to execute said plan.

First up, frizzy with straws.

Followed by a cute Pippi.

Bird Nest Bun (my personal favorite) wraps up our morning of hair fixing.

The other day, I was out working on a project.  One of my daughters was out there with me, humming and busily playing with a pile of small stones she had collected.
After I was done and was putting away tools, I discovered this message.
Oh my heart.
(You see?  13 year olds do not leave love notes in stones on the driveway.)

 And, finally, to challenge your brain, let's play a little game I like to call
Find the Shoe!

The Summer of Dirt is beginning to wear out its welcome.

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  1. I have the dropbox app on my phone and on my computer, so I just upload the pictures into dropbox from my phone and they are on my computer instantly. Just an idea. :)

    I have loved following your adventures in home building, and love watching the progress. What a beautiful area you live in.

    Your kids are so cute and creative. I've seen a lot of "crazy hair" pictures and most kids do the same thing, but your kids really used their imagination and came up with some really cool designs! impressive.