Sunday, August 10, 2014


This is my beautiful grandma.  
She is 86 years old and is the sweetest woman.  
Her mind is sharp as a tack; 
unfortunately, her body is beginning to give out.  

She has been living alone.  She lives in a super tiny town (300 people) where some of my aunts, uncles and adult cousins live, so she is checked on frequently.  Frequently doesn't always cut it, as we learned recently when she fell and could not get up.  Thankfully, she wasn't dangerously hurt, but she spent the better part of a day crawling to the phone to call for help. There were a few other things that made us think that maybe it was time for her to move in with my parents (her daughter).

My mother is excited to have her mother living with her and all of us local grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchild love that we will get to see her more!

Her house full of memories cannot travel with her and she is finding herself needing to pare down to things that will fit in her new digs.

We went to her house the other day and came home with some invaluable treasures.
Since I am building a library in my new house, Grandma wanted me to have her library table.
This table once belonged to my Great-great Grandma Charlotte.  
(I am her twin--I can't find it now, but I'll find a picture of her to post for you some time.)
She donated it to the Indianola, Nebraska library where it resided for many years.
Eventually, they remodeled the library so my Great Grandmother Chinn took her mother's library table home.  When she passed away, my Grandma inherited the table.
And now she has given it to me.
What a treasured gift!!

I can hardly wait to put it in my new library!
I can't help but think that Grandma Charlotte would be pleased.

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