Friday, August 29, 2014

Lake Cruise Date

Yesterday was our monthly date with Eliza.
(She received a date each month with Mom or Dad (or both) for Christmas last year.)
When I was searching for fun or interesting things to do in our area, I stumbled upon these lake cruises.
It was a little family operation with about 25 people on board.  They have a variety of options, but we went on a hour and a half history cruise.  

We enjoyed ourselves so much!  The weather was perfect--mid 80's and breezy.  The sky was filled with the most beautiful clouds.  We saw several osprey and bald eagles fishing and enjoyed watching the sailboats skim silently along the tops of the waves.
I've lived in this area most of my life and spent many, many hours sailing these waters with my family when I was young.  There were still several tidbits I'd not previously known.  (There was, for instance, a massive fire in 1910 that burned millions of acres and spurred the start of the forest service.  I need to read more about that!)

Of course, the best part is the company!

We have absolutely LOVED these regular dates with our easy-going, non-demanding girl.

If you are local (or are coming to visit me), I highly recommend this quiet, low-impact afternoon event.

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  1. So, you can go to Door County Newspapers online & read about the forest fires. Many people from northern Wisconsin went west via the railroad & the newspapers talked about the fires. If you put Spokane or Sandpoint into the search engine, the results should lead you there! What a beautiful place. My Grandma Jean (Dad's mom) was born in that area.