Saturday, August 30, 2014

Name Calling

My grandma called her grandfather Granddad Derrick.  
I've always loved that.

My own grandfather is known as Papa and my children call my dad Papa.
My dad is still quite young and will still be around when we become grandparents.
THEREFORE, having my husband AND my father called Papa would be confusing.
Whew.  Got that?
I hope so because I'm not going over it again.
After a discussion with the man himself, we decided that when he becomes a grandfather,
my husband would like to be called 

The conversation wherein we told the children to have their children call Daddy Granddad brought about a question as to what I might be called.
There are so many options!  We went over Grandmother, Grandma, Gram, Gramsey, Nanna, Marmie, Nanny, Granny, Grammy, Nonny, Lolly, Loulou, Loopsy, and Poopsy.

The fate of my grandmotherly moniker is still under construction.

After the conversation and things had quieted down, this child piped up.

"I'm going to have my children call me Master 
and I will call them Peasants."
At least that is decided.

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