Friday, August 22, 2014


I am getting the dirt moved, but not fast enough.
My baby looks like this all of the time.

And he's SO happy playing in the dirt that it makes it hard for me to deny him the joy!

Of course, he's not the only child in this family to be finding joy in the dirt.
The newest thing is to sled on the dirt.


I suppose that since we are living in a trailer, we may as well embrace the redneck.

They are always filthy, but are absolutely loving this summer's entertainment.

As if sledding on dirt, being covered in dirt and playing barefoot on the dirt weren't enough to insure our redneck status,
this smile certainly will!

Haha!  Pull that tooth, already!

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  1. I have a feeling that when your children are grown and they get together and look back, this summer will be one of the most amazing and cherished summers!