Saturday, September 27, 2014

House Update

Our construction loan reaches maturation at the end of October.
We were expecting it, but just got official word today that there was no way that our house would be done by that date.
So sad.
Our builder requested a 45 day extension.
In the mean time, the kids are enjoying the unfinished basement.

We have to sweep constantly to keep the concrete free of sawdust, wood shavings and garbage, but it is worth it to have this huge, smooth skating surface.

For those of you who were wondering, the upstairs is for the four girls and the boys will dwell down here, in a cordoned-off section of the basement.  It won't be a totally finished space, but it will be warm and livable.
One end of the basement will be the game room/theater.  We have had a 19" television for much of our marriage, but know we will want an upgrade once we get settled into the new place.
Did you know there are TV calculators available online?
You plug in the dimensions of your room and it will tell you what size television to buy.
We are supposed to get an 80"-85" television.
The kids were thrilled because they thought that since that's what the calculator said then that's what we must get!  
Too bad they have these cheap parents.

Please, Daddy?
We've had our capable electricians doing the wiring this week.
Having done a bit of wiring in my time, I absolutely love these guys!
Look at that confusion!

It isn't confusing to them, however, and they are very organized in what looks a bit like chaos.

Here's a little something that thrills my soul:
they put the exterior eave outlets on a timer so that Christmas lights can be controlled from the coat closet.

The plumbing is a lot done, the roof is done (and is beautiful!!), the windows are all in, but one (still waiting on the front porch beams that were accidentally sent to Montana) and this:

All of our paint is selected and purchased.  Sherwin-Williams had their 40% off sale last weekend, so we had to choose, pronto.  I know you can buy a can and have it tinted later, but if you buy the wrong base, that doesn't do you a lot of good.  This sheet of white paint chips had me in fits.
I want a true cream.  Not yellow, not gray, not beige.  Cream.
We picked Polar Bear.
We bought a massive amount of it.
It had better be right.
We chose a few other colors for the bedrooms, laundry, library and such, but most of the house will be creamish.  We have a lot of wood in the floor, trim and cabinetry so I didn't want our walls to be too heavy.  I hope all of my vision comes together.
We'll see . . .
45 days after October 30th.

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  1. You could be in your house by Christmas! What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday.