Sunday, September 28, 2014

Makes Me Happy

Our 15 year old son, Isaac, recently bought himself an acoustic guitar.  He's had an electric guitar for a while, but never improved much.  Between his coming and going, (and not just to here and there, but to other countries and such nonsense) faulty cords and a cheap amp, he struggled with hearing himself play.  This guitar is a much better option!

My dad is a wonderful guitar player.  One of his first dates with my mom--maybe the very first date, even--was to play guitar for her while she sang.  One side of the soundtrack of my childhood was my dad playing guitar; the other side is my mom singing.  Every time Dad sat down, he was playing.  I love listening to the guitar because of that early and often exposure.

When I was in Jerusalem for a semester of a study abroad program, I didn't have any music.  I couldn't afford a portable CD player (remember those days when you had to have a device and the discs and the batteries?) and had to go without.  A couple of months in, I wrote home and plead with my dad to send me a tape of him playing.  He went to work right away and I got it several weeks later.  I bought one set of batteries and borrowed a roommate's Walkman.  I put on the headphones, closed my eyes and listened to home until the batteries died.

Now, I have a guitar in the house again and I love it.  This is a sound that makes me happy.

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