Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Random Bits

I've had the gas tank in the backhoe refilled and started moving this giant hill of rocky subsoil.  It has been sitting here for a few months, now, and is heavy and compact.  It's kind of slow going, but I can now see my backyard fireplace from the living room windows.

Earlier this week, my 6 year old used her tooth fairy money to buy these:

I was honored to be chosen as a manicure recipient--even if it was for only about three minutes.
She also informed me she is "addicted to make-up."
Yes, six.  We are going to have a problem.

We recently went to an amusement park to celebrate Not Back To School!
It was completely fun and that same child rode a pretty scary roller coaster for the first time.
Isaac was her adult, since I had to stay behind with the baby.
I asked how she did and he said she didn't seem scared at all, but just smiled the whole time.
I asked her how Isaac did and she shrugged her shoulders and said, "Screamed."

 Speaking of Isaac, he and Eliza rode the Ferris Wheel together. 

I rode with the two youngest and it is officially the scariest ride in the park.
I'm not kidding!
My baby is 16 months old now and they said he could ride.  I figured he would sit on my lap, but they had him sit next to me.  Well, the safety bar sat across all three of us, but since I am a giant compared to him, it wasn't even close to holding him in the VERY UNSTABLE car.  It took every ounce of courage and self-talk to stay calm . . . and I was squeezing the life out of him to make sure he stayed put!

But, anyway, back to these two.  They were the last to unload and they were pretty hot at this point.  But they endured.  It was for a good cause: the attendant was a very pretty young lady.  Isaac kept going on her rides and he'd keep his belt a little loose so she would have to check it.

We took the train at the amusement park and my little one loved it so much.  He enjoyed the whole thing--until we were held up by a band of thieves (who stole our pocket change to donate to a local children's charity).  He was scared and cried.  They hurried out of our car.
I was glad because I've tired of their exact same act every year for the last twenty years.
Oh, man.  I'm getting old.

Patches got a haircut and he looks so much better.  His fur bleaches out and he starts to look like a surfer dude by the end of summer.

I was taking a break on my bed the other day and this little treasure crawled in next to me.  Next thing I know, he was sound asleep and all cuddled up.
I love my job!

I buy so many groceries.

I fix so much hair.

She keeps losing teeth.

He is home and keeps delighting my soul.

There is plumbing in my new house.
Every development is exciting, but
it is taking 
so. long.

It is now 3:33 AM and I think I'm going to go try to fall back asleep.
This week sees the beginning of seminary, piano lessons, little girl's ballet, our home school coop and Fall soccer.
I've got to be on my game to keep up with this crew!
Oh, and in a sick and twisted bit of irony, I was asked to give a presentation on balancing our lives next week.
"Basically, I want you to tell us how to say no," she said. 

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