Monday, September 8, 2014

Small Victories

In fact, the phone and I have an uncomfortable relationship,
like a third cousin at a family reunion who is about your same age (give or take 3 years) and with whom you are forced to "play" when you don't know a thing about her and don't seem to have any commonalities.
I feel like one of two kids in a room full of adults who just
can't live without
the other people there
and can't understand 
why I don't want to play with the stranger.

I do like to talk to a few people, though, and apparently there are a few people who need to talk to me.
So we have to continue paying the phone bill.
Half the time, our phones were left off the chargers and are lost or out of battery power
and are, therefore, useless when the phone rings.
Then I am stuck hollering a conversation with my daughter's soccer coach 
through the speaker phone mic on the cordless base.

Several months ago, I bought this:

Just look at that beautiful headset!  No buttons to accidentally punch while I'm holding the phone on my shoulder while I wash dishes or strain the noodles or feed the baby.  It is giant so, unlike a cell phone, it won't slip into the dirty dishwater.  Also, I have a phone to use in the case of a power outage and it doesn't rely on any batteries.  It won't work if it is separated from its base, so it can't get lost.

It was brand new, but, when it arrived, it didn't work.  I knew it was a matter of crossed wires, but I never took the time to take it apart and figure it out.
After another lost-phone incident yesterday, I pulled the thing off the wall 
and fixed it!

It isn't much, but I'm cheering small victories.

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  1. I won't lie- I kind of like an old corded phone for just those reasons. My parents still have an old corded rotary phone in their home. Many years ago when my mom was the Webolos leader she had to teach the boys how to use the phone when they needed to call home. We all giggled about that.