Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Still Working

I'm still working.  I've absorbed as much of the subsoil into our land as I can.  There was still a rather large pile so Baby Boy and I are making a waterfall.  Turns out the labor is the expensive part of building a waterfall.  The parts are reasonable.
I've never been afraid of work.

Also, we have a cord of pine from trees we had to take down to make room for the house and another cord (at least) of mill-ends in our shed.  We've had to collect all of the wood, stack and organize what could be used later (to build storage shelves, a playhouse, an awesome set of blocks), cut the pieces that would be too big for a fireplace and then haul and stack it in the shed.  We are nearly done with that job (for now) and the wood is a reassuring insurance policy against our cold and snowy winters.

Soccer has started.  I do enjoy being outside without any tasks to perform, 
other than cheering on my little players and chasing the one year old who thinks he is a player.

Piano lessons and ballet has started (I discovered a class that is $80 for the whole semester with a $16 costume.  This is one happy mama!)

Our home school co-op has also started.  My kids are taking classes like Ancient Egypt, Narnia, Paper Plate crafts (bless the woman who enjoys crafts), American Girl--Kit Kittredge, and PE.
I am teaching two classes: Secret Codes/Spies and Epidemics.  One to make us conspiracy theorists and the other to make us germaphobes.

Everyone expects clean laundry and regular meals.  
I expect quiet time to take naps and read.
We may get none of those, between it all!

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