Friday, October 17, 2014

Blessed by my Parents

My parents stopped by for a quick visit tonight.  They were here to see the children--one child in particular who turned 11 yesterday--but my dad knew we had a log that needed cutting up so he brought his chainsaw along for the ride.

My mom walked into my house and immediately got to work on my sink full of dishes.
She does this every time she comes to my house.
I've tried to tell her not to do it and I've tried to have the dishes done before she gets here.
If there are no dishes in the sink, she'll fold laundry.
And, let's face it, with eight people in the house at almost all times, there are always dishes in the sink.

Meanwhile, my dad quickly sliced up the log and asked if I needed anything else done while he was here.
I did.
I've had this horrible tree that has needed to come down because it is ugly and is impeding the healthy growth and a beautiful tree.  
BUT, it leaned heavily to one side and it would have fallen on the neighbor's greenhouse.  
Justin and I hadn't the skills to get the tree down AND keep the greenhouse up.

My dad is amazing.

"Did you know the hook broke off of your chain?"
No, I didn't.  Sorry, Dad.
In a matter of 15-20 minutes, he had the tree down and cut into logs.
No lives or fingers or dogs were lost in the process.

Even the neighbor's greenhouse remained untouched.

At one point, when Dad was sitting on the couch, I handed him Isaac's guitar and asked him to change a broken string.  Within a matter of moments, the string was changed and the guitar was tuned.
My daughter nailed it on the head when she declared, "Papa!  What is going on here?!  This is getting out of hand!  How did you learn how to fix everything?!!"

Amen to that.  
I am blessed by my parents.
Thank you, Mom and Dad.


  1. This is so sweet. What a lucky girl you are! I love to see the house progressing.

  2. My mom is the SAME way- always doing my dishes, or something else, if they're not available. I am very lucky, though I don't have a dad that's handy.

  3. You really should fix that chain, tractor girl!