Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Happy Halloween, friends!
We had fun dressing up this year
and the best part is that I didn't have to sew one thing!
 One dad who was walking his child door-to-door said, 
"Whoa!  I thought that was a legit old lady and I thought, 'Why is SHE trick-or-treating?!'"

Chimney Sweep

The Doctor (#11)
 Some people in the family worried that no one would understand her costume;
the many squeals of delight as she walked by proved the doubters wrong.

Frodo Baggins
Could you ever find a more adorable hobbit?

Because "Which costume can I wear that has the most make-up?"

When you're 15 and you want to dress up, but you don't want to put yourself too much out-there 
because your whole life is out-there.

And, for good measure, the parents.
Mr. Rogers and Cruella Deville.

What a fun holiday.

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  1. I am thoroughly impressed with all of your costumes, but I have to agree that C. makes a very believable old lady. I love it. And Frodo Baggins-- are you kidding me-- cutest thing I've seen this Halloween.