Monday, October 13, 2014

Ready to See More House?!

Me, too.  
Unfortunately, nothing has changed about the actual structure.  We're on a budget, see, so we are low on the priority list.

Cute girl.
Honestly, most days, it is okay.  I'm not terribly bothered by the slow progress and I'm enjoying the building process.  My dear, agreeable husband and I have not bickered about one single thing in regards to the house.

The only problem is that my current living conditions have just about driven me batty.
I WILL press on.  I Will, I will.

Just because hammers aren't swinging and saws aren't blazing doesn't mean that I wasn't busy doing what I could.  This week, we finalized flooring, tile, cabinet layout and countertops. 
Mostly.  There are a few little bumps to be ironed out later.

Here is a snapshot of our pallet.
Try to ignore that horrible, distracting flooring under it all.

Second row, middle sample is the library carpet.
Gray carpet is for all of the bedrooms.
wood-look vinyl is for the upstairs bathroom,
marble-look formica is for the bathroom and laundry countertops,
Historic oak flooring in the timber color (which is the top right sample on the green board) for the main living areas
and the gray oblong tiles for the laundry, mudroom, and master bath floors.
I tend to be a mix-it-up kind of girl; 
We don't have any purple in this house!  Let's have a purple room . . . Here!

When I scrapbooked my wedding photos, I learned that mixing things up is not always good.
I'd done the entire book in the same 7 shades of navy blue and gold (our wedding colors) and Autumn leaves (we were married in November).
By the last several pages of the album, I was sick of navy blue and gold and burnt red and golden yellow,
so I mixed it up.
Those last few pages of my wedding album look so weird!

I'm trying really hard to learn from that mistake and proceed with this house planning to create cohesion.
Cohesion isn't boring.
I have to remember that.

Better view of the library carpet.  I wanted something that alluded to a rug,
but with the convenience and quiet of wall to wall.
We are doing white subway tile behind every sink and in every shower.
It isn't boring.
It is cohesive.

Close up of my mismatched toenails, courtesy of my 6 year old beautician.

We are using the same carpet in the rest of the carpeted areas, 
the same tile in the rest of the tiled areas 
and the same wood in the rest of the wood areas.

Most of the walls will be Sherwin-Williams Polar Bear.
I'm hoping it reads creamy parchment when it is on the walls.

The library will be this moody gray called Mink.

I am throwing a bit of a wrench in things with my laundry room.  It will be this bright, happy blue called Watery.  The laundry room has been dreary for too long!

You know, I have this vision in my head of what I want, but I've been building this house for a long time now.  Nearly a decade, really.  I been actually purchasing sale and clearance lighting for two years.
I really, really hope that the lights I bought two years ago jive with the lights I bought two weeks ago.

On another note, our beams finally arrived!

They are so beautiful!

If you think they look pretty, wait until your nose gets a whiff.  Amazing!

So you see?  Things are happening.  I will move into my new house someday.
In the meantime, I'll keep my chin up and be grateful for my stinky trailer
because at least I have a place to call home.

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