Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cold, Cold, Cold . . . and Cleaning

We are in the middle of a frigid spell, the first really cold weather in our region this season.
I can't get my outdoor projects done and the house isn't ready for me to work indoors;
so I'm baking.
Few things taste as good when it is cold as a yummy homemade soup with bread, fresh from the oven.

There is one more thing, but you have to promise not to make fun of me.
You'll think I'm silly, but it is a big deal for me.

I've made a goal to keep a cleaner house and make my home a more inviting place.
It has been a struggle because I don't like the place, don't want to spend any money fixing it or making it flow for our family, and there is no such thing as everything in its place because there aren't places for a lot of our things. Our house makes everyone grumpy.

We began on a Saturday.
The kids and I put our shoulders to the wheel and got a giant portion of the house clean.  I took several bags to the thrift store and took a few loads to the dump.  (Granted, some of that was construction debris, but still.)

Months ago, I heard a friend of mine give a speech about her healthy weight loss last year--a thing with which she has struggled her whole life.  She said she went 1/4 of a mile on her treadmill and then buried her face in the couch, crying.  She couldn't even go 1/4 of a mile!  It was too hard!  But, in faith, she approached Heavenly Father and asked for help.
Her final statement was something to this effect:
Test the Lord.  
He has promised to help those who ask in faith.  
Try Him and see if He doesn't lift your burden so that you can carry it.

It worked for her; she now runs miles and miles.  I decided that I would indeed test the Lord.  On Saturday, I plead for help, outlined a plan, and got to work.
On Sunday I fasted and prayed for help in achieving my goal.

Then after the meeting, another good friend came up to me and said she had recently uncovered a tape set she'd bought years ago.  She wondered if I was interested in listening to it.  It is called:
The Industrious, Well Organized, Proverbs 31 Woman
By Sidney Launder

There is no question in my mind that these tapes entered my life because of the fasting and prayer.
Heavenly Father is helping me, step by step, room by room, dish by dish, keep my house cleaner and my home a refuge. (Thank you, Jen, for listening to a prompting and responding!)

12 days into November and my dishes are being done, my table has been washed, floor swept and carpet vacuumed.  Every day.
There is much work to do and they say it takes three weeks to develop a new habit, but we are all happier with this arrangement!


  1. Yay!! Good for you. I need to apply this same principle to my life, test the Lord. I need to be able to see that being pregnant is a good thing, even with the accompanying mood swings and teenage like behavior that it creates in my 35 year old body, and the upcoming life change we will make again.

  2. Thanks for sharing this...I needed it. I've been working on changing some things and even though I am making progress I've been feeling kind of down about it all the last few days. I need to remember to trust the Lord and listen more!

  3. And I think I need to bake some yummy bread!