Sunday, November 30, 2014


Our little girl had her dance recital last week.
Her costume was pink with sequins,
she got to dance with a wand
and she wore make-up.
It was the best night ever.

After she danced, we took everyone out for Italian food because lasagna is her favorite food in the world.
We hadn't taken all of the children to a restaurant in a very long  time and this place did not let us down.
It was very family friendly, providing pre-meal entertainment such as coloring, pasta necklace kits, play dough, a giant chalk board on the wall behind us and baskets of bread.

Even our littlest munchkin was well behaved!

In other news, I rarely do "friend" birthday parties.  I don't know why, really.  Maybe because our family is big enough to make every birthday feel like a party?  
But I'd promised the kids this year, so we're having friend parties.  
Since we don't have a house, we're navigating a new world: destination birthdays!
Last month was the 11th birthday at the ice skating rink.

This month is the 9th birthday party at the swimming pool.

These two middle girls have found a group of wonderful friends.  Having been through periods where one kid or another has had no friends, I know how valuable this group of girls is for my daughters.

Oh, yes.  And store bought cakes.  Unheard of! 

Our oldest waited 14 years for a brother.
I often have my girls match on holidays and Isaac usually matches them, but he couldn't be twins, exactly.
When the baby was born, Isaac couldn't wait to dress alike.
My boys were twins last week and they were simply adorable!

I tried it out for six months and have decided I absolutely hate using my phone as the camera.
It is a decent camera--for a phone--but that doesn't make them good pictures.
After one particularly aggravating lost moment a few days ago, I quit.
I've gone back to my $100 point-and-shoot.

Every once in a while, my son takes pictures of his dinner to send to his former roommate who is still starving in Russia.

Our house is sitting happily on the plot of land it was designed to inhabit.
We won't be living in it any time soon.
I don't really know why, but we can't seem to get anyone to work on it.
There have been some good things that have come of the delays.
We have a persistent leak that would have been a disaster if it hadn't been discovered until after insulation, sheet rock, paint and tile.

Since almost all of the bones of the house are complete, I thought it was a good time to document the skeleton.  I went through the house with a measuring stick and took pictures.
I tried to document every angle, capturing large expanses . . .

and small close-ups.

Who knows when this information will become useful, but once the wallboard it up, we won't be able to see what is behind it.  I certainly wouldn't want to decide to take out a wall or move a closet only to run into this!

I took 120 pictures and have them all labeled and filed.  I plan on printing them, too, so we have several viewing options.

The one thing that did happen last week was a high impact change.
We finally have a front door!!

From this,

To this.
I love it.

Speaking of things I love, I LOVE this baby.

I'm trying to wean him right now and it isn't going well at all.
It is 12:59 AM as I type these words and he is screaming bloody murder because I refuse to nurse him continuously through the night.
He took these pictures the other night.
Not just now.

He is absolutely not smiling right now.
He is cute, nonetheless.

*Update:  I gave in and he is watching Mr. Rogers.  
Whatever, just so long as he is happy--and not nursing. :)

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  1. With a door, you can have a sleepover in your own house-to-be! Love your beautiful family & your blog.