Saturday, November 8, 2014

Siding Going Up

Looky what happened this week:

I cannot believe what a difference the siding is making.

Our GC paid the framer too much too soon, I fear, because he hasn't been back to finish up the front porch, install doors or fix the handful of problems uncovered by the framing inspection.  We almost lost the siders because they couldn't move forward until the doors were in.  Brett came through at the last minute.

A kitchen door!

The back and chimney are complete.
Looks so pretty!  Can't wait to see it painted.

 Now they are working on the dormer and the front of the house.  This part is making me giddy because it is where the tudor features show up.  

The arched front door isn't installed yet, but we are beginning to get a better cottage feel with the siding.
I met with a stone mason yesterday who gave me a bunch of tips on building my rock fireplace surround.  He and Brett (our contractor) both agreed that I need to build a rock arch around the front door.
We'll see. It would be cool, but the fireplace is a first priority!

First things first.  Paint.
We can almost begin painting the exterior!!

Just in time for the freezing weather.

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  1. I am sure loving following your blog and the building of your home! Can't wait to see it all finished.