Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Cottage in the Wintry Woods


After the warmest winter ever, we finally had a big storm this week.
I absolutely love it--especially because I am surrounded by the majestic evergreens.

I wish I could tell you progress was being made on our house, but barely a thing has been done...
and there are mistakes with the parts of the siding that is on.  Boo.

When the snow was falling, I couldn't resist running inside to see what my view will be next winter.
(Look at my pessimism!  I'm sure we won't be in the house this winter. Gee whiz.)

This is the view out back from the living room.  Through the foggy plastic, you can see my fireplace and many a snow-covered tree.

As I stand doing dishes, I'll get to look out upon this:

Upstairs, one looks down upon a magical fairy land.

Oh, someday, someday!

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