Friday, December 5, 2014

Great-great-great Grandma Charlotte's Library Table

When my dear, sweet grandmother moved in with my parents last autumn, I inherited her grandmother's library table.  Grandma Charlotte used it for years then had it donated to the local library after she passed. 
There it worked for many years as patron after patron studied and read upon its oaken top.
 After some time, the library was up for a remodel and the table came back into the family's hands.
When Grandma found out that I was building a library in my new house, she said at once that I was to have the treasured table.  
After all, it was always meant to be in a library!

As we were decorating our shrinking trailer with our Christmas decorations, my eyes landed upon the small ledge between the legs of the sturdy library table.
It is the perfect place for the children's nativity!

Add a few lights and voila! Magic!
I never met her, but I have heard many, many stories about Grandma Charlotte.
One thing I know:
she loved children.
I think she took a moment from her own busy life up there in the Great Beyond to look in on us tonight,
and I'm pretty sure she was pleased to see her great-great-great grandchildren playing and learning 
under her table.


  1. Those pictures are so amazing- knowing the story that goes with them made me tear up! Beautiful!!