Saturday, December 20, 2014

House Update

After taking off all of November and the first couple of weeks of December, we have workers back on the site!

The house is insulated! 
They were so careful, spraying the foam stuff in every crack or hole before batting the whole thing in this nice, thick blanket.

It is amazing what each step does for making this place look and feel more like home.
The first thing we noticed is how much quieter it is!

Our last house was over 100 years old and didn't have insulation in the walls--and not much in the attic.  We know because if you put your hand on the wall in the winter, it was icy to the touch.  Our current house is made of cardboard and we have to keep the furnace running almost constantly to stay warm.  Just think of the contrast!  Can hardly wait!

Now that the front door is in, the siders have begun beautifying the front of the house.  
Maybe before Christmas?
I'm not holding my breath. ;)

In the meantime, it is Nutcracker weekend!

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