Saturday, December 27, 2014

Leavenworth; The Second Day

Our second day in Leavenworth was perfect.
First, of course, we had a marvelous and giant breakfast in the hotel lobby.
As Dad and I were getting ready, the kids piled on a bed to watch that weird belly button song.
What can I say?  It's weird, but they love it. 

Because it was Christmas week, the hotel hosted all kinds of activities.  
The first was making gingerbread houses.  

While the girls were gluing away, Isaac snuck in a workout.  
He has a major competition in just two weeks so he can't afford to take time off.

His brother joined him and taught that elliptical a thing or two!


Then it was time to head downtown.  It wasn't far from our hotel so we walked.
Would you just LOOK at this adorable main street?!
I'm not even kidding when I tell you that I kept getting choked up just looking at the adorable balcony woodwork, the murals, the swaths of cedar greenery, the shutters and all.

My little guy loved running around in the brisk, wintery air while the girls shopped.

No, the guys shopped, too.  Not to shop, necessarily, but to see all of the clever, creative, tasty and fun things in the shops.  We ate sack lunches and crock-pot dinners, but we did let all of the children buy a fancy chocolate from a little candy store.  Dad took this snapshot of our little guy by the giant bear outside the chocolate shop.

Isaac doing a little jig on the way back to the hotel.

And a quick selfie to make sure there is record that Mama was there.

We went back to the hotel for an afternoon nap.  The cleaning ladies were nearly to our room, so we camped out in the lobby by the fire.

We off and on snoozed, chatted and read until we thought for sure they were done with our room.
After an hour, the cart was gone, so we headed back to our room . . . just to find that they were still there, but the cart had gone around the corner!  We sat in the hallway, where I had half mirthful and half horrified tears falling down my checks because the whole hotel smelled like broccoli from my crock pot. So embarrassing!

After forever, they still weren't done.  We'd had our rest in the lobby, so we decided to leave again.  I needed to get something from the grocery store that I'd forgotten.  The kids wanted to go back to the hotel to go swimming so they dropped me off in town for the last-minute secret Christmas purchases.

I know!  A whole hour in Leavenworth by myself!  I touched all the fragile things and went into all of the "boring" stores.  I smelled stuff and stared too long and walked really fast because no one needed to keep up.  Luxe to be sure!

I was leaving just as dark was coming on.  I veritably ran back to the hotel to retrieve the family,
"Come ON, Come ON!  You guys have GOT to see this!"

Justin's pictures were way better, but I don't have access to those.  
It doesn't matter; pictures don't capture it anyway.  
Pictures only give us a trigger for our memories.

Here's one Justin posted on Facebook of Isaac gazing at the lights.
So twinkly.

We wandered around until we were frozen, then headed back.  It was Christmas Eve, after all!  We had more to do before Santa could make his deliveries.

Walking with her Christmas muff. 

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