Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Big Snow

We got about 14 inches one night, a week after a 10 inch snowfall.

He lost his gloves, but wasn't bothered by it.
He was only bothered by the fact that he couldn't walk!

Big sister to the rescue!

I LOVE where we live!
After playing in the snow, they came in and cuddled with Bobo Bear.
She was showing him Mr. Rogers on my phone, but he kept dropping it or accidentally touching the screen (which closed the video).

So she crawled in right next to him . . .
and they both fell asleep.
She is sound asleep, but is still holding onto the phone.
Skills, man.

Isaac and Dad both agree that Bobo is so comfy, that if you cuddle up, you're going to fall asleep!

Thanks for the nap, bud.

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