Thursday, January 15, 2015

American Girl Store

Meet my eleven year old daughter.  She loves her some American Girl!
For her 11th birthday in November, her grandparents gave her Isabella.
Isabella and Becca Rose, the doll she received when she was about 6, are her most beloved playthings.
When we knew she would be coming with us to Seattle, visiting the American Girl Store was her #1 priority.

After dropping Isaac off at his morning workshop, we were on our way!

We knew the general location, but had to wander around and around the GIANT mall complex before we spotted it, in the back corner of a courtyard.
She started running!

Come on, Mom!!

We arrived an hour too early.  No matter, there were tons of windows so she studied each display thoroughly, while the baby wandered around the courtyard.
We have 15 inches of snow at our house and Seattle has daffodils!

After wasting as much time window shopping as was possible and stepping into the Starbucks for a cocoa and banana bread breakfast, finally, finally, it was time for the store to open.  
There was a line of little girls to get in!

This child was in heaven.  She has studied the catalogs and magazines to the point that she knew each and every item available at the store, but she hadn't seen most of them in person.  She was surprised at the detail and care of everything.  Of course, most things in the store were way beyond our price range, but there were a few things that were more affordable.  She picked out a curly pony tail hair attachment and some other hair fixing doo-dads.

She was one happy girl!

Right away, we had to jump back in the car to retrieve Isaac from his workshop.
One goal he made from the first day of this ballet adventure is that whenever possible, we would go to church.  That means sometimes missing classes, arranging flights and driving early mornings or late nights. 

It was a very good meeting and the closes church building happened to be right next to the temple.

Hug! Hug!

The grounds of the temple are so pretty, even on a dreary January day.

After visiting the temple, we had about three hours.  We decided to run downtown and wander around some of the iconic Seattle places that the children hadn't seen.  

At first, cities woo me, what with their pretty architecture, amazing shopping variety, and cultural feasts, but all of that is forgotten when one drives around for three hours with nary a stop because one is stuck in traffic or can't find parking to enjoy what the city offers.

I'll keep my rural living, even without any architectural delights or cultural feasts.  
At least I have Target and Costco.

After an evening audition, we were back on the road.
We pulled into the driveway right about midnight after a wonderful weekend.


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