Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Time with My Girl

Last year, as in 2013, we gave Eliza the Gift of Time for Christmas.  
Each month of 2014, we went on a date.  
It was usually she and I, but sometimes Dad took her, sometimes we both went with her 
and one time her younger sister and Grandma came along.

Last week, we went on our last date of the year.

We were supposed to get a steamed milk while we browsed at the bookstore, but we were both starving, so we went out for Mexican food before hitting the bookstore.

This small, but fierce girl is such an absolute treasure to me.  She does heaps for our family and it was nice to take her out, one on one, each month.  To spotlight just her.  To listen to her alone.
Oh, my goodness.  I love her massively.

She got a laptop for Christmas this year.  
She is an author, but always has to share the family computer.  It was hard for her to find time to write.

As happy as she was to get the computer, she was a little sad that she didn't get more dates.
I was, too.

I am going to miss our dates!

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