Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Behind the Scenes

We are working steadily over here, but there are always things going on behind the scenes.

The Baby Brother loving on the Big Brother
After cutting down a couple of scraggly trees, we had a pile of branches that needed to be burned.  Add to that an old picnic table that was beyond its usefulness, several incorrectly built trusses, lots of scrap plywood and whatever else that would burn, and you have a ridiculously large bon fire.

We invited a bunch of the kids' friends over and I set out hot dogs, chips, marshmallows (+_S'more fixings), sodas and Peeps. (Have you ever roasted Peeps?  Super yummy!)  Everyone did the best they could to cook their meals.

But it wasn't easy.

No one had eyebrows by the end of the night, but we sure had fun!

The yard looked much better by the end, too!  Sometimes you have to invite guests so you have motivation to get your jobs done.

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