Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mud, Tape and Texture

Two weeks.  
Two weeks is all it took for these guys to drywall, mud and tape, and texture the entire house.
Do you know how long that would have taken me?!
And I guarantee that it would not look this pretty.

None of our utilities are hooked up to the house yet, but the house has to stay warm or the mud will crack.
Our contractor brought over this big ol' heater and it is keeping the place comfortable.
This week's changes have been so exciting and the house so warm and inviting, I have a hard time leaving!

I was supposed to start painting today, but the drywall boss man saw a few mistakes in his very thorough walk-through.  He's going to have them fixed tomorrow.
I have to sit on my hands for one more day.

But after that, you won't be seeing me for a while.
We'll be priming and painting the interior, staining the beams and corbels out front, spraying that epoxy top coat on my tub (it got too cold for me to do it outside, so I had to wait until the house was warm), laying tile floors, installing tile in the shower, around the claw foot tub and all of the back splashes, and building a floor-to-ceiling rock fireplace in the living room.

We have a full plate for the next month or so.  
I'll continue to share progress, since we are, once again, seeing progress!


  1. Wow! John and I did the drywall for our basement. I swear I will never do it again, it is worth every penny to have the experts do it and save myself for the other stuff. Tiling can be fun and if you need some extra hands, let me know.

  2. I am excited that your house is making such great progress lately. It is fun to see your house take shape via pictures.

  3. Yeah!!! I've been anxiously awaiting news of the progress. I know you're busy with the house, but do post pictures when you can. And all the best in the coming month!!!!

  4. a House! a House! You have a house!!! Happy progress. I hope everything goes quickly for you in the coming weeks.