Saturday, February 28, 2015

Still Painting

We are nearly done with the painting.  I haven't been able to ask for help because several jobs were a one-man gig.  But now that we are rolling (instead of spraying), I have recruited the children.

These two painted the entire room pretty much by themselves.  I cut in and they rolled.  It was so nice to have someone else do the work!
They paused for a photo and made these goofy, happy faces.

They were so much fun to have around.  Instead of my same old boring thoughts, we visited our way through the work.
Eventually, some of the other kids took turns.  I tried to make a big deal about Look how much work this takes and Think of how long we have waited.  Let's be sure we take such good care of our new house!

Because we had some more incredible sunshine, I took some time to get the corbels stained before they are hoisted high under the eave.
Here they are before.  Aren't they completely darling?!  I absolutely love the lines!

I used Woodscapes by Sherwin-Williams in Riverwood.

Another sneak peek at progress.  This time in the kitchen.


  1. It's so great to see progress. I'm so happy for you, that things are moving along.

  2. I love the see the children helping with the paint! And my heart literally jumped when I saw the picture of the kitchen. I think I am going to cry when you finally move in to your "someday" home!!!