Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Painting is Underway!

Happy news!!  We are painting!
Here is the laundry room. It is a bright Robin's Egg blue called Watery by Sherwin-Williams.
It feels like a bit much for the size of the room, but once the shelving, cabinets, trim and tile is all in I think it will be about right.

I really wanted a bright, happy place to do laundry because it is my least favorite job.
Think it'll work?

After we primed the whole place, we taped off the ceiling and painted the walls of the main rooms.
That was a long job.

Because we have warm woods for cabinetry trim and flooring, a stone fireplace, and dark tile, I wanted a light color on the walls.  Light, but warm.  We wanted ivory, but there are 92 colors that are in the "ivory" range.  We picked Polar Bear.  It was TRICKY, but we did it; 
We achieved the goal of a pretty ivory wall color.  The pictures don't do it justice.

(I apologize for the smudge in the middle of the photos.  It is in the lens.)

The library will be moody and the master bath is to be like a spa.
They are both this warm gray called Mink, by SW.

We still need to paint all of the upstairs, the master bedroom and touch-ups throughout.
Part of that is because we don't have the necessary supplies (I'll not into that here).
Part of the blame is because we don't have electricity to the house yet so can only paint until about 5 PM.
Part of it is because I am still a mother and must
tend to the needs of my children.
Ah, well.  Progress is progress, no matter how slow!

A hand print from my littlest sweetie.

Here is a sneak peek at what is happening right now:


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