Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Walls. Real walls.

Look at my kitchen:

I KNOW!!  It is so beautiful!!  I can't wait for the double ovens, the deep sink, the fridge that doesn't freeze food, and the induction cooktop.  The last is especially anticipated.

As I was making breakfast this morning, one of the three working elements on my stove sparked and sizzled.  It was not the element I was using.  I am freaked out.  We are overstaying our welcome in this trailer!

Plus, also, an acquaintance started their house three months after us and just moved in.

In addition, I am going crazy.  My children decided that after the trailer is gone, they will erect a monument in its place:  
In loving memory of Mother's Sanity;
lost in this place.

But it looks like we get to start painting this weekend!  As soon as the paint is on, I'll lay the tile so the cabinets can make their appearance.  (I think it's a slippery slope after that, but I've been wrong before.)

Ready for more amazingly good news?  I got to do my first actual work on the house.  Not sweeping or moving dirt or sorting lumber, but actual work on the house.

I stained my front door.

Do you hear the angels singing?  It is a simple quartet right now, but the angelic hosts are assembling.  Soon, so soon, there will be choirs singing above, welcoming me to the end of this struggle and into a bright new future.


  1. I got tears in my eyes reading this, Emily!! How exciting!!!!! And I love the color of your front door.

  2. Yay! So exciting. Hopefully you'll be in sooner than later!!!