Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Prom and Laundry Room Shelves

Last weekend was prom for our boy.  

Our area has a Clean Prom that is separate from the school proms.  Everyone dresses modestly, the tickets aren't outrageously expensive, and the music and dancing are clean.

These four friends rode together.  They went to dinner before the prom and Isaac said he couldn't believe the response.
So many people stopped them on the sidewalk or came up to their table at dinner.  Every single one commented on how beautiful the girls were in their modest dresses.

My husband and I have been out to dinner on a school prom night and have seen many young people all dressed up for their dance.  The girls don't know how to walk in their shoes or sit in their dresses.  Most of all, however, they are dressed like, (I'm sorry to use the word, but here goes) sluts.
It IS refreshing to see girls who are beautiful in their coveredness.

Anyway, they had a great time, stayed out late, enjoyed their friendships and ate great food.
It was fun for the five women in Isaac's life to help him get ready.  I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and learned how to make a wrist corsage, we smelled cologne, offered tips and fiddled with hair.

Not bad for a first try.  Looked better on Alyssa!
The 9 year old gave the best advice:  No bathroom jokes.

On another front, our laundry room now boasts incredibly useful stainless shelves!
I can't wait to fill those babies with individualized sock baskets, laundry detergent, Windex, paper towels, and who knows what the heck else!

This corner of the laundry room cabinetry was left open intentionally.  It will house rolling laundry carts,
but I have a feeling those will be pulled out frequently.
Our little boy has claimed this perfect spot as his own!

Tile pictures coming soon . . .

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