Sunday, April 5, 2015

Corbels and Braces

Here is a picture of the "big house" just after Christmas.

Well, the other day, we had a miraculous event.  Two guys showed up with a lift and fixed the small corner of siding that has been undone for over THREE months.

Remember these babies I scrubbed and stained forever ago?
They not only fixed the corner of undone siding, but they also hanged the corbels.

The siding is still not finished.  The first guys (we are on our second round of siders) made several mistakes, took all kinds of shortcuts and didn't finish any single side of the house.  We have been ready to paint for months, but can't even do the trim because of their inconsistent and incomplete work.  

But today I am counting my blessings, and so I showcase our gorgeous old-world corbels.
I love their heft and sturdy build, while maintaining the cottagy curves.
I keep thinking that the Seven Dwarves would approve. 
(We did, in part, use their cottage as inspiration for ours.)

The siding should be complete this week and then we can begin to paint.  
I can hardly wait to see how the colors we chose play out on an actual wall!

It looks like we're miles and years away from moving in and this month marks one year since we signed papers at the bank.  It only took one year to build the freaking Empire State Building!  
Our patience is thin as our trailer crumbles around us and bills associated with the house build up.
But our list grows ever shorter and there are worse problems we could be facing!!

This week, we should see our freshly finished mantle placed above the fireplace, the master shower tiled, interior doors finished being set and trimmed and the door hardware arrive.

Who knows. It may happen.

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