Friday, April 10, 2015

Wood Floors

So many beautiful things are happening in our house right now.  Doors are in, trim is going up, cabinetry is being finished, tile is being installed and this:

Our "Historic Oak" plank laminate flooring is down.

The floor is covered in construction dust, but still looks alright.
We liked this flooring initially, but decided on it for sure after seeing it at a local parade of homes.  Even with everyone wearing booties, so many floors looked terrible under all the traffic; these looked great.
Everyone knows I need disguising flooring!

Best surprise? My tile is pretty darn flush with the wood. This amateur made a few mistakes, but at least not that one.

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  1. Oh my Gosh Emily! I just want you to know that I check in with you every couple of weeks on your blog and I am so excited to see the progress on your amazing home, but more importantly just see your sweet spirit and grit and determination continue to shine through to inspire and uplift and entertain me :) Thanks