Friday, April 24, 2015

The Giant Shower

 Almost everything in our new house is functional or logical.  I tried to make it beautiful in is functionality, but it has to have a purpose.  One thing that doesn't fit into this formula is the master shower.  Obviously we need a shower, so in that it does have purpose, but no one needs a shower this big or posh.
I was continually feeling guilty about the presumed gluttony of the thing. 
My Justin set me straight, "Emily, the whole rest of the house makes sense.  It is okay to have a little bit of luxury to greet us each morning.  If taking a shower here puts a smile on our face in the mornings, it is okay."
So, we have a giant shower and I am consciously not feeling guilty about it.

It has taken me twice as long to tile as I expected.
We went with white subway tile with a marble basketweave inlay.
The floor is the same marble basketweave.
The shelves are made from the black granite they cut out to make way for the kitchen sink and cooktop.

It measures 4' x 7' x 9' and has four shower heads.
We just asked for two shower heads because Justin likes the peel-your-skin-off spray and I like the gentle rain.  Then, the plumber suggested we would want a handheld head to wash the enormous shower.  Anyway, now there are four.
I know, luxe.
I'm not going to feel guilty.

And the tile is up!
Next is the grout. We chose a light gray to better highlight the individual tiles.
I still need to do another washing, but besides that, here is phase one.

Man, this is a huge shower.
I tiled it, so I never have to clean it.

After the plumbers are done, I'll finish the floor.

On to the back splashes . . . 

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  1. Wow- that is a LOT of tile work, and it looks fabulous. We have some friends that remodeled their home and had a similar size shower put in the master bathroom- it even had smaller heads all around the sides. It was like walking into a carwash. At the time it seems kind of silly to me to have such a huge shower, unless you put a door on each side and just send the kids through. But now, I'm thinking it would be REALLY nice- especially with two (or more) shower heads. Enjoy!!!!!