Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tile Progress

The master bathroom has a good deal of tile on the walls--a giant splash protection for the bathtub.

It is done.
(The floor is a bit wet, thus the uneven grout color.)
The tub will be scooted into place and plumbed this week.
Can't wait!

Moving on to the laundry room.
This room is the unique room of the place.  It houses white cabinetry, blue paint, and stainless shelves and hardware.
I thought it would be a good place to mix up the tile a bit.
I decided to go with this stone and stainless tile.

 I think the scattered stainless tiles look cool here.

Here it is with the grout. I went with a bright white to tie it all together.

 In addition, the kitchen is tiled, though not grouted because I ran out of grout.

To contrast the warm woods and dark granite and to maintain continuity throughout the house--excepting the laundry room, 
the kitchen tile is the white subway tile.
By the way, there will be floating shelves above the white tile there in the corner for everyday dishes.

While I worked on the back splash tile, I got to experience my kitchen view for the first time.
(There is still a plastic film on the exterior of the windows until we can get it painted.)
I am going to LOVE looking out at that every day.

In addition to the tile, the doors and much of the trim has been installed.  Nearly all of the header boards are faulty and had to be reordered, so all of the doors and windows look like bald-headed men.

 They are hemlock and are solid, but carefully hanged doors; they swing easily on their hinges.

Meanwhile, back in my giant shower....a floor starts to go in!

Much to do, much to do . . .

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  1. I love it!!! Especially the solid doors!! It's so fun to watch all the progress, and my, what a LOT of hard work you have (and will) put in to this home! What a treasure it will be!