Saturday, May 23, 2015

Electric and Emotional

After being "on the list" for months and months, our local electric company came out to hook us up to the grid.

 None of the utilities are hooked up to our house.  We have gas to the house, but the HVAC guy wants electricity before he will install the furnace and A/C.  The electricians, obviously, can't do their job until there is juice.  The plumbers won't finish until they have water and septic hookup, but our contractor wouldn't dig the water or septic lines until he knew where the electric company was going to dig their lines.
So everyone was waiting for today.

They dug a ditch and put down our line (saving most of my trees--yay!), then left for what I thought was a really long lunch.
Turns out some guy somewhere cut a tree down and it took out his power line.  My long-waited-for guys took off to assist the foolish mistaken man.

Eventually, they came back and put in this green box.

AND, lest they be wise with money and resources, they also put in this green box.

This was when one of the guys approached me with the inevitable news that another project on our house would remain unfinished.  Typical.
Anyway, at 3 o'clock, they wrapped up for the long weekend and "wouldn't be able" to finish up until Tuesday afternoon.

I packed up the kids and we went to the lake.


Every single one of us is at the end of our rope and, though I would have rather continued working so we could get out of our trailer faster, it was impossible to ignore the needs of the children.

They needed to escape, to laugh, and to play.
And to collect rocks . . . as if we don't have enough rocks in our yard!

This one was taken to the lake under protest, so she wore boots and jeans.
(Don't worry, she wasn't actually mad!  :) )
She needed to get out, too!

We are supposed to be out of our trailer in three days so our contractor can demolish it.  I doubt he'll be ready to do that in three days, but I'm not going to let him say we had anything to do with ANY delays.

A little beach time and a good night's sleep did actually renew our spirits.  
We woke up ready for a new day and for more hard work.
Deep breaths, everyone.  We'll keep moving forward.

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  1. How frustrating... and absolutely maddening (hm, I wonder if I spelled that correctly?). I'm so glad you got away from it all- sometimes a little break can do a LOT of good. I hope next week brings loads of wonderful news!!!!