Sunday, May 24, 2015

Something Good

The county is making us demolish the trailer before they will give us a Certificate of Occupancy.
Most of our belongings we will store in the garage and we ourselves will be in a tent during the in-between time.  This is fine because: 1. We are good campers and 2. W hope the tent living will put pressure on our contractor to get the job done.
The exception to the stuff-in-the-garage rule is our piano.
You do not store a piano outside.
If the county throws a fit, I will throw a bigger fit. I have it in me, believe me.

Yesterday, we made the move.

I backed the trailer into a tricky nearly 90 degree angle so it was right up to the porch, then pulled the trailer around and backed it up to the front porch of the new house.
Let me rephrase for clarity.


This is very stressful for me.  Remember another backing up the trailer story?  So, ya, not a strong suit.
But, I did it!

Anyway, Justin always says the sign of a true friend is someone who will help you move a piano.

We didn't ask anyone for help, though, because we figured we had enough help with our 92 children.
My 19 year old nephew showed up with perfect timing!  He couldn't help lift because he'd had another bad bicycle accident, but he helped guide and cheer . . . and having a friend around helped us all keep our cool.

We don't have electricity.
We don't have plumbing.
We don't have heat or all of the door knobs.
But there is a piano in this place (and, oh, my goodness, does it sound good in there!).
Music, more than any other factor, makes a home.

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  1. Yeah!!! I think the piano counts as a major appliance- it's as important to a home as the fridge and oven, right?! Or maybe you could pass it off as part of the in-home entertainment system (kind of like retro surround sound). :)