Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We are close . . . very close. The water to the trailer has been disconnected and our Someday House has water to it. Once the inspector approves it, we will have water!

One of our last major jobs is the paint. We've all been working hard to get that job done. My amazing family have even come and chipped in some help!

It has been majorly hot. 95° in early June in the mountains of North Idaho is way too hot!

After painting all day, painting that should have been done in the cool of October, had the siders finished their job, and burning in my shoes, I hollered to the kids, "Go get in the car! We're going to the lake!" I gave no one any time to change; this was business.

We have some good friends that told us to not even ask, just go cool down whenever.

See that slide? I ran to it and slid in to the delicious wetness.

Ahh! So much better. Maybe I can deal with the world again!

The next day, my sister showed up with a gift from my grandma. She had wanted to help, too, but couldn't figure out a way. When she heard about us jumping in the lake, she had a light bulb moment.

Hooray!! Thank you, Grandma! What a difference.

But, look you guys. Just look at how nicely it is turning out.

More updates soon . . .


  1. Yeah for cold water after working in the sun!!! And yeah for progress- I'm excited to see more pictures!

  2. Your house is coming together nicely! Your hard work is paying off.