Friday, June 5, 2015

Here's What's Happening

Painting is underway.  We bought the paint LAST FALL, but so much of the siding was left unfinished, we weren't able to even start the job.

The biggest siding problems were fixed, so my good husband got to work.

 There were two small sections that needed finishing and our contractor kept promising that someone was on their way to do it. No one ever came. That same contractor was bugging us to get the house painted so he could lay the front porch cedar. Huh??

Justin finally had had it and finished the job we'd already paid someone else to complete.

I'd show you a sneak peek of our paint colors, but they aren't showing up well. You will have to wait!

In other news, there are more piles of dirt in our front yard. The two giant trenches are for water and septic connection.

All these utilities are such prima donnas! They all need their own special trench!

They were supposed to be finished last Saturday. It is now Friday and we haven't seen our contractor for a week. We're probably going to have to take legal action which makes me really sad.

14 months is long enough for one house.

 Inside, I'm cruising away on my fireplace. I would have been done by now, but I've had a bad attitude. If no one else is working on my house, it is hard to be motivated.

 A couple of days ago, we had heavy rains with flash flood warnings and a major electric storm exactly over our heads. In a quick decision, we rushed out of the tent and into the big house. The hardwood floor was not comfy, though I was grateful for a safe and dry place.

 The kids have stopped waiting, too. They are having a great time demolishing the trailer!

The bright light in all of this, is our camping experience. We are enjoying our tent life.

Our WiFi is gone (got pulled out by accident during the trench digging) so everyone is reading

Or playing,

Riding bikes

Or writing books,

Enjoying a pretty view during a break

Or enjoying a yummy S'more out by the fire.

The weather is fine, the family is healthy, I have faith in my Savior and in my Heavenly Father's plan, and the wildflowers are blooming.

I am happy.

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  1. Wow! I am inspired by your perseverance and faith. We're trying to move two states away in less than two weeks and after two months of searching still don't have a home to move in to. I'm fairly certain that I won't be happy living in a tent while we wait for something. I've had some really rough days in the last two weeks, but every time I read your updates I am reminded that I can choose how I feel regardless of my circumstances. Thank you for sharing your amazing- and, at times, incredibly frustrating and discouraging- journey. God bless you!!