Saturday, June 13, 2015


Complaining is easy. Sometimes gossip feels
good.  Piling on can make you feel united. All of that draws me down into bitterness faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

I've been working on this Personal Progress goal:

A daughter of God can make wise decisions and solve problems. Read 1 Nephi 15:82 Nephi 32:3;Alma 34:19–27Ether 2–3; and Doctrine and Covenants 9:7–9. Follow a pattern of regular scripture study and prayer to receive help in making personal decisions such as choosing good friends, being kind to others, getting up on time, or other decisions. Discuss with a parent or leader how regular scripture study and prayer helped you make correct decisions. Choice and Accountability #1

We have fasted and prayed for our contractor and his subcontractors. We have worked hard and done our part. We have used every physcological tactic we could find to encourage work and we are still 6 months past our closing date. At some point, Heavenly Father will do nothing else; He is bound by His own law of allowing mankind our agency. In other words, He isn't going to "make" our contractor choose the right. (That was Lucifer's plan. See Moses 4:1-4)

But, what can our loving Father provide? He will send bluebirds to take up residence in our bird houses. He provides guardian angels to protect our little ones from the dangers of a worksite--including hundreds of feet of unstable trenches.  One blessing our Heavenly Father provided years ago was a good companion spouse for comfort and friendship. The kindness of friends, the beauties of the earth and the health of all of us are gifts sent to be a balm while suffering under the wound inflicted by another's choices.

Look! A rainbow!
(There were actually 3,
but they didn't all show up in the picture.)

I know many of you are praying for our family.  Please be encouraged to know that your prayers are being answered. My Father knows me and loves me. He would never leave me comfortless . . . and, indeed, He hasn't.

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  1. The whole world looks different when I remember to be thankful. I'm trying to be better at it and I appreciate your example!! Thank you!