Saturday, June 27, 2015

We Fought a Good Fight

We have had so many "promised" closing dates on our new house, I've lost track.
The most recent promised date was yesterday. It was possible, but it meant everyone had to be prompt about completing their part of the puzzle.

We hoped, but, once again, it was not to be. Our builder is buying himself a redicously expensive 10 day extension.

Of course we want to be in our house, but the biggest issue is that our normally cooler mountain climate has 12 straight days of 100° or higher temperatures forecast, starting yesterday.

I warned our contractor about the forecast and reminded him that we have small children who can't just tough it out. He KNEW we needed to be in the house or he was going to be buying a hotel room.

At 10:30 yesterday morning, we still hadn't seen four key players (plumbers, electricians, a random fix-it guy and our GC). Everyone really, truly has only 2-5 hours if work left, tying up loose ends. No one showed.

Our day involved breaking camp, paying the bank and an afternoon movie for the girls so no one would get heat stroke.

I gave Brett until after dinner,  then I asked where we got us our rooms.

Guess who ignored us the rest of the day.

So, after over a month of camping and 15 months of building, we have left the scene. We are encroaching on the good will of others and sleeping indoors.

What a sad story. How differently this could have gone if one man was honest.

What a cute house. If only it were finished.


  1. Oh, Emily, I'm so sorry. I declare the house charming and beautiful and perfect! How frustrating that it will have to wait even longer.

  2. This makes me so sad for you and your family- how incredibly frustrating!!