Sunday, July 5, 2015


We are all about looking for diversions right now. Since some things are out of our control, we do what we can with the bits over which we do have power!

Every year we go to a small town in the Palouse where much of my mom's family resides. It is a beautiful drive down, surrounded by rolling fields of wheat, barley, lentils, rapeseed and peas. They change color at different times so the world really does look like a patchwork quilt!

We got there early enough to enjoy company and a barbeque at my Uncle Mike's house, then hurried up to the city pool.  It was outrageously hot yesterday, but our camping life has helped us adjust fairly well. 

Uncle Zach is a favorite buddy to all of the kids.

We witnessed a firey prairie sunset as we waited for darkness. It was nice to focus on the blessing of our nation. (As messed up as we have become, our founding principles are still great and our freedoms far outreach many other nations of the earth.)

My cousin, Tony, choreographs the fireworks show every year and you'd never believe the town population is only 300 persons by the size of the display. It is tremendous!!

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, progress continues to be made at the same pace as usual....S L O W. (It is turning out pretty, though!)

We go over every day and do what we can; cleaning mostly, but we are also doing our touchup painting and sundry small tasks.

Like I said, we were thankful for the diversion the 4th of July holiday provided.

Now back to our regularly scheduled days.

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  1. Yeah for a wonderful diversion!!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm loving the sneak peaks at your Someday house. All the best to you this week!!!