Saturday, July 25, 2015

Popping in to Say, "Hello!"

I've been typing on my phone for two months now. It is irritating and slow and prone to mistakes. It makes me not want to blog, but I have to put up with it for a bit longer while I give you a tiny update.

My dryer is here! Normally, I would just hang laundry outside, but my outside is terribly dust bowl dirty. Yesterday, I saw a dust devil dance across my entire back yard. SO, I've been draping wet clothes all over my chairs and doors. A dryer is a good thing!

We have no living room furniture, save this sturdy hand-me-down table. My little guy has been at it constantly. It is just his size and it keeps him close to me. All of our upheaval has him feeling unsure of everything and he wants to be able to see me pretty much all of the time. I'm not complaining!

We can't afford library shelving right now, so we have stacks. It feels very cozy, in a hermit sort of way.

 I've been baking and cooking like a fool. My first batch of bread in a new and altogether different oven received rave reviews.


I'm not the only one getting in on the action.
 We are ALL enjoying our new kitchen!

I'm refusing to bring nasty, old junk into my pretty, new house. This means that right in the midst of a moving-in mess, I am refinishing things. Justin's childhood rolltop desk had seen better days, so it got a reworking, for instance.

And I've been furniture shopping!!

This is FUN!!


  1. I'm pretty sure I would be doing the same thing- stopping to refinish furniture during a move-in! You have no idea who I am, but I've commented a few times over the last year or so, and I think I've read ALL of your old posts, so I feel like I have gotten to know you a little. Last night I dreamed I met you and your kids- at a library, I think. :) I'm SO glad y'all are finally in your house (can you tell I'm from the South?)!

  2. So lovely! Congratulations on moving in. I love it all.

  3. How exciting to be moving in and making everything just as you want it! I am constantly amazed at where you find the energy to keep going. I think I would have taken a month off as soon as my beds were up. :)