Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Laundry Room

For the last two weeks, I've been saying Thankful Prayers--you know, prayers where nothing is asked, but gratitude repeatedly expressed. That is how I feel, so grateful! Because I live here:

Yes, the house is incomplete, we have serious bank issues to work through and dust continually blows through my new house, but at least we are HERE.

I am going to slowly begin to give you a tour of the house as rooms are decorated, closets are installed and furniture is refinished or purchased. Today I'm going to introduce you to our laundry room.

The room is located just off the mudroom, on your way to the kitchen. The location was carefully determined. I didn't want it IN the mudroom and I did want it near the kitchen for easy access. So far, so good.

These shelves make me so happy!  I purchased them at a restaurant supply store and love their functional beauty.

The row of eight small tubs on the bottom shelf are for socks and undies. Everyone gets their own tub and I'm no longer in the business of matching socks!

Need paper towels or Band-Aids or a new bottle of hand soap? You don't need to search; it is all right there.
The hills might make Maria sing, but these shelves do it for me!

On the end of the room is a nice, deep sink where my little boy has taken most of his baths. Above the counter is a place for hanging clothing, below it is a commercial grade rolling hamper 'cause I do commercial volume laundry. On the wall opposite the gorgeous shelves is this cabinet door, which opens up to become . . . 

An ironing board! 
My grandmother had a fold-up ironing board in her kitchen. I always thought that was so smart and handy! I've already ironed more in two weeks than I did my entire time in the trailer, I think.

A laundry room fit for a queen

if a queen did laundry

which they obviously do

because, ahem,

 I do laundry.

Update:  Details as requested by friends.

  • The dryer vent has yet to be recessed into the wall, that's why it sticks out into the room a bit. 
  • Wall color is Sherwin-Williams Watery.
  • Lights are both stainless steel and were purchased from Lowe's.
  • Stainless shelves are from
  • Mercury glass knobs are from Pier 1.
  • Other stainless hardware is from Lowes.
  • The stone and steel backsplash tile is a 12x12 mosaic mat cut into thirds from Home Depot.
  • Floor tile is charcoal slate porcelain 12x24 from Lowe's.
  • The ironing board cupboard is homemade because I can't afford the store-bought variety.
  • Most of the baskets are from Fred Meyer (collected over years), though the socks buckets are from Target.
  • Countertop is cerrera marble laminate.