Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm Here, I'm Here! Don't Hang Up!

Hello, readers.  Guess what I am doing right now.  That's right, I'm typing with all 10 of my fingers on an actual clackity-clack keyboard. I can see the words on the screen without holding the device up to my face.  I don't have to shrink and grow the size of the view so I can see whether the pictures fit and the words are spelled correctly.  My computer is in a temporary location in one corner of the basement because our cable jacks were never put in, BUT I am on the computer nevertheless.

So, hello!  I'm back.  The Summer of 2015 is one for the scrapbook, for sure.  We lived in a tent during both flash flooding and 100+ temperatures. After our 2 year old started vomiting and acting lethargic because of the heat, we moved into my parent's basement for a couple of weeks.  (That turned out to be lovely...more on that time later.)

Finally, we moved into our Someday House!  Let me just say that I love it, I love it, I love it!  The grading of our land and spreading of our mound of reserved topsoil is yet to happen, but I did spend several satisfying days moving rocks (MORE ROCKS!), raking the soil, and planting grass seed in the couple of spots I could.  Here it is:

The staked off area will be grass, the four foot area next to the sidewalk is reserved for a flower bed.  I cannot do the other side of the sidewalk yet because there isn't any topsoil there.

I would love to show you more of the house.  The laundry room is about the only room ready to show! In the next few days, though, I'm going to take pictures anyway.  You don't care if it is print worthy for Better Homes & Gardens, do you.

Here are some random photos to tide you over.

My refrigerator is a giant face.

Now that we have exterior lighting, we are attracting an army of moths.  They are the same color as our timbers.  Can you spot it?

No more trailer, baby!!
There are so many options for that newly blank ground.
Do we plant an orchard, move the garden, fill it with wildflowers, grass it in, build gorgeous beds with pathways and seating, move in a children's playground, what?

Since moving in, we've had at least one friend over about every day of the week.  We have all waited so long to have a place to welcome friends!
Here, Camilla and Katie make cookies for us all.
So sweet, these two.

This little guy is a heart thief, I tell ya'.  Relentless!
He takes his baths in the laundry tub, now.  I fold laundry while he plays in the soapy water.

School started this week.  Our theme for the year is
What happened between Columbus and Washington?
This month we are learning about the Native American tribes who were here, how they arrived, how they lived, what they believed, what they did before First Contact.
Here the children are making Longhouses.

I told Justin that I am ready to be the best homeschooling teacher ever this year.  I finally have a place, supplies and access to our books.  Week one is down and so far, so good!

Until next time, friends,
which will be soon, 
because I can type.


  1. It's so nice to have you back!!! Your fridge made me laugh! Your little boy is adorable for sure! I'm so happy for your family and look forward to many more wonderful posts! And maybe I'll get inspired enough to start posting again on my own blog. :)