Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Kitchen

Today is the day, the day for which you've all been waiting.
Today, I will show you my kitchen!

Cooking in this place has been such an absolute delight!
Of course, there is a learning curve with every new appliance, and that has been true here.
I have burned a couple of things because everything cooks so much faster.
Whereas in my old kitchen, a pot of water for pasta could take 15-20 minutes to come to a boil,
it boils in about 2 minutes on my induction cooktop.
I used to start my water first, then start the sauce. Now I wait until my sauce is all done and is simmering before I'll even fill my water pot.

This kitchen was designed in my head over years and many kitchens.  I knew I didn't want a sprawling room so if I was cooking alone, I wouldn't have to hike from the sink to the fridge to the stove.  However, I wanted it to also function equally well with a number of cooks.  Most of my meals are cooked from scratch which points to specific needs.  In addition, I'm a free-range parent, so I need the kitchen to function for small people, just as well as for adults. If they can't make some of their own meals, I'm done for.

I tried to let the cabinets be the star of the show.
They are quarter-sawn white oak and display God's gorgeous handiwork.
He loves us.

Enough with the words.

My big sink, centered on a forested view.
Dishwasher and everyday dishes are to the right because we're right handed.
The counter is a black leathered or honed granite.  It is so soft.  
Everyone who comes over stands and strokes my granite, haha!
The kitchen faucet is Arbor by Moen with a side spray.
(I've seen too many pull-down faucets with the sprayer dangling helplessly
after some spring-action part inside the faucet broke.)
Our black sink is a composite granite and I'm so glad there was this option.  
I couldn't afford a white apron-front sink and didn't want stainless--
I don't like the way stainless sinks sound.  Is that petty?  Probably.
The shelves next to the sink were a big hold-up.  They finally came yesterday,
which got my everyday dishes off the counter!
It will take some fiddling to get the dishes arranged in just the right way.
Boy, oh, boy were they worth the wait!  2" thick slabs of white oak, with a natural edge.
They are quaint and cottagy and really finished off the kitchen.
I wish I had a better camera because none of the wood in my kitchen is orange. Ug.
You can see some of the knots here.
White subway tile with gray grout throughout.
No busy backsplash to distract the eye from the pretty wood.
Here are the induction cooktop and the hood.
Like I said, this baby cooks fast.
Tied for first in favorite qualities of an appliance, though, is its cleanup ease.
Because it uses magnetism to heat only the pan, nothing cooks to the glass surface!
I had a glass top electric range once that I loved,
but I was constantly battling the burnt ring around the electric burners.
This just wipes clean, even after greasy or tomato sauce splatters.
I am enjoying the double ovens, but I'm enjoying the eye-level height of the upper oven more!
It is so easy to spy on dinner when it is right in front of your face!
Once again,
GE appliances in Slate.
Smart storage above the double ovens. LOVE.
The island is painted Backdrop Gray by Sherwin-Williams.
All of the hardware is a dull brass called Champagne Bronze.
I love the gold with the gray!
One of the best parts of the kitchen is inside the island.
Dry goods bins!
50 pounds of flour and it glides open with no effort.
Flour, sugar, rice and oats fill the bins, each with a Plexiglas cover.
The little countertop containers are cute,
but when you're cooking for eight, they are worthless.

The island is covered with a large slab of maple butcherblock.
Every cottage needs a lot of natural elements, wood and rock, don't you think?
Antique brass schoolhouse pendants with milkglass shades light the kitchen.
There you have it.  It isn't large, but it is highly functional. I tried to keep the look simple and streamlined, without becoming contemporary (wouldn't jive with a woodland cottage).  I don't know if I achieved all of my goals, but my kitchen is everything I hoped it would be.


  1. You must LOVE IT!!! It looks grand! Do your littles pull out the flour drawers? I can send mine over to destroy it if you need! I am so happy you are finally in your amazing new home. Congratulations!

    1. It took some training, but everyone is letting them be now. They are working to destroy other things, thought! ;)

  2. Oooohhhh! Aaaahhhh! What a wonderful space!! I rented a home once that had an awesome storage space like the one about your ovens, only it was above the fridge- but I LOVED it!!! I'm curious to know how you like your dry goods bins after a few years. I love the idea, but I wonder if they get messy or hard to clean after awhile. Do you let them get all the way empty before you add new goods? And I'm a little jealous that all your everyday dishes match- my everyday dishes would look like clutter on open shelves- haha :)

    1. So far, so good with the dry goods. We did get a sugar shaker because everyone was digging into the drawer for their one scoop of sugar for their cereal/toast/tea. Otherwise, they are staying clean and closed. Also, I really do use these items a LOT, so they don't have much time to sit.

  3. Oh my heart, its lovely! I am getting Slate too and its great to see it in here. I might have to convince my husband about the induction/cleaning thing. Love the gray too, that's similar to what all my cabinets will look like. And I'm hopefully getting some floating shelves as well, nice big thick ones like that! Anyway, I'm living through you, we're a few more months away. So happy for you, you've been through much more during the process than me.