Monday, September 7, 2015

On my Walls

Moving into a house, especially a house much larger than which I've ever before lived, I have few things for my walls.  This got me to thinking:

What, of all things, do I want on my walls?

  • A picture of Jesus Christ, so we are reminded where to look for salvation.
  • The Family: A Proclamation to the World, so we can keep our grounding amongst the world's changing rules.
  • The Living Christ, so if you ever find yourself wandering and staring at things on the walls, you can read about our beloved Savior.
  • A picture of a Temple, to remind us of eternal things.
  • Family Pictures over the years because it is fun.
  • Prints of Classic Art by the Masters because when are surrounded by beauty, we aspire to be better, we are uplifted by the talents of others, and we are inspired by the messages only masters of an art can send.
  • Finally, I want a family tree.  I want my children to know their roots.  I want them to know their names and their stories.  I want them to know that their grandparents can be called upon to come to their rescue and aid in this life.  Our ancestors are no longer with us, but they are with us. 

I have some of those objects for my walls, but not all.  When I sat down to look at my family history records, I discovered a few holes in our 6 generations.  How would I feel if I wasn't connected to my mother? my sister? my child?  When I put myself in their shoes, I find myself drawn to them; seeking and searching out my dead.

In my desire to have a full family tree to hang on my wall (and all that that implies), I've been spending a lot of time searching for my people.  Yesterday was a long day of searching.  I was looking for Patrick Farmer's wife.  It took a while, but thanks to many others who are dedicated to this same cause (my incredible cousin Jenna Smith being one of those!), here in my basement, I viewed photos of original census records from 1870, marriage certificates, death documents, etc.  Incredible!  No longer is it required of me to dig through dusty libraries (though I'd love that) or walk cemeterys studying stones. I can just search and find a picture.

I found you, Rose!  I love that your son named his daughter after you.  Maybe someday you can tell me the story. 


  1. That is almost the exact same list I have for my walls!! One difference between a house and a home is what is on the walls.

  2. Yay! I love thinking about what I should have on my walls & you know I love family history!