Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Mudroom

You don't have to be a parent for very long to discover that people come with a lot of gear. From strollers and baby packs to school bags and sports equipment to wallets, important mail and keys, we have stuff.  That stuff comes and goes daily, hourly, even by the minute . . . if there's a snow storm and you're three and you WANT to play in the snow . . . but your hands get cold so you come in . . . but then the big kids are still out there and you can see them having so much fun . . . so you HAVE to go play . . . until your boot fills with snow . . . repeat until Mom is exhausted and she tricks you into taking a nap by filling you with warm cocoa and reading sleepy stories.

Wait.  Where was I?  Oh, yes.  Gear.  We all have it and we all need a place to put it.  We also live in an all-four-seasons-in-one-day climate which boasts dust, pine needles, snow, leaves, dirt, rain water, and, well, mud.  Therefore, a mudroom!

The driveway comes right to this back door, so it is the family entrance.  It is a quick shot through to the kitchen for easy grocery drop-off.  Right inside the door, you find, ta-da! a drinking fountain!  We have noticed a rapid decline of single-sip "dirty" cups in the kitchen sink.  When we are hot and thirsty, no tramping through the house in muddy/wet/snowy shoes.  Someday I plan to make prettier, wooden steps that encase the plumbing, but this works for now.

Behind the door is our large white board. Handy and useful.
Just inside is the laundry room.
Notice the laundry is convenient to, but not a part of the mudroom.
The laundry room has a door making it separate from the mudroom and entry.

Let's be truthful, laundry rooms come with stacks and piles and no one wants to come home to that!
On the other hand, if you are dirty, best clean up there before tromping all over.

On one side of the room, there are four "cubbies."  I probably should have come up with a more sophisticated name.  Alas, cubby is all I could come up with on the spot one day and that will be their name henceforth and forever.
Above the drinking fountain is a picture of President Thomas S. Monson 
and an excerpt from his most recent address.  

On the other side is three more cubbies.  
Nearly everyone gets their own, though I share with the young boy.  
We share lots of stuff.

On the end, across from the drinking fountain, is the Secretary.  
She is a most beautiful thing!
I know she seems cluttered, but I promise she isn't disorganized.
I tacked cork onto the wall like a back-splash, the calendar hangs on one side, and
bills to be paid, filed, or in some other way need my action are filed in their appropriate places.

The phone charger is always plugged in, so cell phones and tablets are charged here.
If anyone needs a permission slip, business card, phone number, birthday invite, coupon or other miscellaneous piece of paperwork, it can be found here.

There is even an actual phone,
with an actual cord,
that cannot get lost,
or run out of batteries,
or get cutoff during an emergency when cell signals are overloaded.
Also, I can hold it on my shoulder making it possible to talk and work.

Opposite the laundry room door and right through the mudroom, 
is a powder room.  
Easy access from the outside and from the main living areas of the house.

No guest will have to guess which door is the magic door.
I love my little brass signs.

The flooring is charcoal slate and I picked it up from Lowe's.  It is 12" x 24" which made it rather difficult to set, but means less grout.  This one side of the house is laundry, mudroom, powder room and master bathroom in a row. I set the tiles so the lines are continuous, without thresholds at the doors.
So far, it has been easy to keep up, even with all of our construction mess.

There you have it!
Once again, it isn't an overly large area, but it was carefully laid out and is highly functional.

Guess what.  There is not one single, solitary stack of papers anywhere in my kitchen.

Wall paint:  Sherwin-Williams Panda Bear
Back door paint: Sherwin-Williams Backdrop
Flooring:  Galvano Glazed Porcelain Charcoal Tile, staggered by a third
Cabinetry: Quarter-sawn white oak, custom stain
Trim and doors: Hemlock, custom stain
Drinking fountain: Kohler, purchased used off ebay
Hardware: Brainerd Champagne Bronze
Brass Men & Women Signs: Amazon


  1. How did you do it, small but highly functional. Have you been planning this house for all your married life? I love it!

  2. Amazing! I love the brass signs and especially the door between the laundry room & the mud room. The combination mudroom/laundry room was made up as a legal form of torture.

  3. The last sentence made me cheer!!