Saturday, September 19, 2015

The School Cabinet

There are new changes to our place every day.  
Today we'll feature a fun place I'm calling the School Cabinet.

As you know, we home school the children, so supplies such as pencils, crayons, notebooks, glue and so forth are needed on a regular basis.  I've always had a school cabinet and it was sufficient, but there were a few small changes that would make a big difference if integrated into the cabinet.  

Here it is:

Since the supplies would need to be accessed often, we put it in a highly trafficked hallway, across from the library.  Being in this very visible space meant everyone would see it, pretty much the moment they step into the house.  I decided on an armoire type built-in.  This is the view from the library and it shows how the arches of the library and front door are mimicked on the trim above the school cabinet.

The doors were supposed to be a beaded glass, but someone made a mistake.
At moments like this in the building process, I just close my eyes and chant,
"It's just a house, it's just house."
Because, you know what?  It is.
And it's fine.

Inside the cabinet doors are the school supplies.  Lots of tubs filled with markers, water colors, scissors, and etc.  It is about as tidy as the rest: tidy enough. ;)

Below the doors are three drawers, each divided in the middle.  
Each of the six children are assigned to a drawer.
Here they keep notebooks, text books, assignments, favorite pencils (and, oh, boy, do they have those!) and other sundries that belong to that specific child.
In addition to the drawers, but not specific to the cabinet, everyone has a color for the year.  It usually changes every year, though I think the youngest but one will always have pink.  
It is her favorite in the universe.  
The colors help me to keep track of whose is what.  
Green notebook or purple scissors or royal blue folder left out?  
I know the culprit. 

The school cabinet has made a big difference in keeping our school days organized and smooth.  
No one has to search for anything and there is a place for everything.


  1. Lovely. However, I saw one word at the beginning that is REALLY making me drool. Library. I won't be missing that post, and I will be jealous, but I'm hoping someday my huge wall of books will keep me satisfied for a while!

  2. Great idea! I love the finish of your wood. So rich.