Sunday, October 11, 2015


One of my children asked tonight which of my pregnancies was the most stressful.  I explained that my last was because it was right after our Eowyn's death.  I had panic attacks and was anxious about every twinge and pain.  I was anxious about comfort.  I was worried and scared and stressed the entire pregnancy.  My oldest then asked if my pregnancy with him was stressful.  No.  It really wasn't.  That isn't to say I wasn't sick or uncomfortable, but there are some perks to first pregnancies.

You see, I didn't know what I was in for.  I didn't know how long the morning sickness would last.  My body was strong and young so a lot of discomfort was averted.  When I was tired, I took a nap because I only needed to take care of me--and my husband, but he is rather capable of looking after himself.  Meals could be quickly prepared.  Laundry was one or two loads per week.  I did have work, but I was so excited with the prospect of becoming a mother that I hardly gave heed to the difficulty of becoming a mother.

Fast forward seventeen years.  Now I know how long morning sickness lasts.  I vividly understand the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  I'm running a massive galleon, filled with ACT prepping high schoolers down to a toddler learning colors and letters.  I'm trying to keep the house clean, I'm trying to fulfill my church and co-op responsibilities, I'm trying to blah, blah, blah.

And I'm sick.  I want to curl up in my bed and bawl half of the day.

There are bright spots, though!  My husband has been a champion to me.  He has been keeping the kitchen and dishes under control.  That is such a massive burden lifted from my load.  He even got me a little spa morning (my least sick time of the day).

In addition, my older children are older!  I do get to hound them over new things, but when I ask them to clean a bathroom or tend to a younger child in need, they do it!  Correctly!

My life is not all that tough, I've just become a wimp.  Cowboy up, Emily!  Soldier on, private!  You have work to do!

Just right after I take a teensy nap.


  1. Exciting times. Congratulations! Another benefit? You are not going through a pregnancy in the trailer. We really like The Real ACT preparation book.

  2. You look just beautiful, dearest friend! I love this picture so much! Congratulations!