Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Art at Home

My kids like taking on art projects, just like I remember loving Friday afternoon art in elementary school.
The problem is that I don't particularly enjoy crafts.
I can do crafts, basically, but the tedium of tiny repetitive actions, glitter on everything forever, little paper scraps spread hither and thither, and pipe cleaners inadvertently glued to the kitchen table make me nuts.
Honestly, unless I only have to make a couple of whatever, I revolt.
Ask me to spend 90 hours cementing river rock to a wall and I get amped, but ask me to spend 90 minutes cutting and folding and gluing bits of paper, particularly with a bunch of children, and I sulk in the corner.

At the beginning of the school year, I resolved to provide art time for the children.
I began scouring Pinterest, looking for ideas that complimented my weekly scholastic theme.
There are some seriously creative people out there!  They have instructions for construction paper ships that look like they are moving upon the great waters, Native American rain sticks made out of paper towel tubes, and so many cute Thanksgiving projects even the scissors themselves get excited!
But the more projects I found, the deeper the dread welled up in my soul.

Then, it dawned on me.  Art time isn't called craft time; it is called ART TIME.
I began searching for art projects, lessons on color, shape, perspective, light, even brush techniques.
Suddenly, this resolution of mine made me excited!

We learned how paint tones taught a lesson or portrayed a meaning.
Because Baby Jesus is the central figure, the focus is on him with the use of the white paint.
It also implies glory
and that Christ's light pushes away the darkness.

They all turned out so cute and the best part is that 
 I didn't no one lost their cool.


  1. I'm so glad you shared this homeschool help. And the nativities are beautiful!!